Hello There, I'm Rachael.

I'm currently looking for new career opportunities, so I thought I'd throw this out into the universe of the wonderful World Wide Web and wait to see what offers come my way.

I'm looking to relocate in order to discover and start a new life, so I'm beginning my search by looking for new career opportunities in the following cities:

  • Marseille (I visit once a year. What a beautiful city on the ocean, beautiful people… I love the city’s design and art scene).
  • Hamburg (I love this port city and would love to have a new experience living and working in Germany. Also, I’m learning German, so what better a way for me to practice my German on a daily basis right?)
  • Switzerland (Right next to France, beautiful city, mixture of French, German and English language in everyday life… what more could I ask for?)
  • Montreal (I love Montreal – I’ve visited twice, and love the mixture of French and English language in everyday life).

I currently work in France as professor in marketing, graphics and web design and as a creative consultant. I have over 15 years’ experience, and am most renowned for my expertise in the fields of visual communications, brand imaging, strategic marketing, multimedia, and event organization. I'm now looking for a School or great company to welcome me as part of their team.

To achieve my goal, I'm going to need some help (your help, that is ;D). All I'm asking is for you to share this website so that somebody, somewhere in the world, might just see it. You never know what that could lead to...

Perhaps you can help in another way?

If you work for a design school or agency in any of the cities that I listed above and you happen to be looking for someone to hire, please read a little more about me, take a look at some of my work, download a copy of my CV, and – most importantly – contact me!